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Half Spindle

Hama Enrolador P / Fundos Fotograficos

Preço a Pedido nas Lojas
  • Ficha Técnica
    Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)
    Linha Universal
    Propriedades Físicas
    Carga Máx. 5,5 kg
    Dimensões & Peso
    Clamping range from/to 54-65 mm
    Max. Width 276 cm
    Peso 2,7 kg
  • Garantia
    Hama GmbH & Co KG provides the following manufacturer’s warranty on the workmanship and materials used for the product 00021210 Enrolador P/Fundos Fotograficos: 3 Anos de Garantia
    This warranty begins on the date of purchase of this Hama product and is valid throughout the EU.
    If material or manufacturing faults that are considered to constitute a warranty claim occur during the warranty period, Hama GmbH & Co KG will resolve the fault free of charge by repairing the goods or replacing them a product that Hama GmbH & Co KG deems to be equivalent.
    The warranty we provide is in addition to the statutory rights to a warranty free of charge, for which any claim must be directed to the seller of your product.
    Likewise, any statutory rights you have to a warranty free of charge from us remain unaffected by this warranty promise.

    In the event of a warranty claim, you must send the Hama product along with proof of purchase in original form with postage and freight costs paid to the following address:

    Hama GmbH & Co KG
    Dresdner Str. 9
    86653 Monheim

    We would ask you to appreciate that Hama GmbH & Co KG may reject the
    warranty claim if the proof of purchase is not provided, because this proof is used to calculate the warranty period.

    The warranty is valid only for non-commercial users of our product.

    In the case of defects caused by force or improper use, as well as in the case of repairs or actions by the purchasing party or third parties without the prior written consent of Hama GmbH & Co KG, the warranty becomes null and void.

    Damages that are not covered by this warranty may be fixed against the cost of the repairs, either by the dealer that sold you the product or by Hama GmbH & Co KG.

    Hama GmbH & Co KG, Dresdner Str. 9, 86653 Monheim, 2022


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