Hama "Active BT" Bluetooth® Sports Headphones, In Ear, Microphone, black/blue

Master your sports challenges with ease with these sports earphones. They sit just right and allow plenty of free movement thanks to Bluetooth. The only things that are allowed to run are you, the music and your hard-earned sweat, thanks to sweat-resistant materials. Off you go!

  • With these earphones and their sweat-resistant materials you can perfectly work out while listening to your favourite music
  • The ergonomic ear clip adapts to your ears thus ensuring a secure and stable fit also when you are active
  • The perfect fit reduces unwanted exterior noise so that you can enjoy your music without being disturbed
  • The integrated volume control allows you to easily control the volume on the cable
  • Thanks to the integrated microphone you can easily switch between music playback and call answer. So you will no longer miss a call when listening to music.
  • The integrated remote control allows you to take and end calls, to activate voice dialling and to individually control your music: play/pause/title forward/title backward (if supported by the phone)
  • Silicone earbuds in three different sizes (S, M, L) for an individual, perfect fit
  • Allows simultaneous connection of the headset with two smartphones
  • Displays the headset battery state via the status bar of the smartphone as far as supported by the smartphone


24.99 EUR

Item No.: 00177096
GTIN: 4047443313201

Sport in-ears – made for top performance

Either they squeeze too tight, slip or don’t hold at all – that’s how it is with headphones when doing sport. They must sit perfectly, be resilient and allow a lot of freedom of movement. Just like our ‘Active BT’ clip-on sport earphones.

Fit and comfort are crucial for a sport earphone. The headphones must sit very securely, without you being aware that you have them on. Weighing just 12 grams, the ‘Active BT’ rise to this sporting challenge. A big advantage is that the cable does not dangle annoyingly. The upper part of the cable is shaped into ear loops that run behind the ears and converge at the neck – thanks to the Bluetooth connection, there isn’t any more cable. This particularly ergonomic and comfortable way of wearing earphones gives the securely seated in-ear additional hold. So you can jog through an obstacle course and the sport headphones stay seated.

Auricles are shaped entirely differently. Therefore, the ‘Active BT’ earphones come with three silicone earpads in sizes S, M and L, so you can choose the ones you find most comfortable.

When everything is seated and fits, music booms in your ears, you’re ready to go – until the sweat runs down your neck. ‘Ugh!’ you think to yourself. ‘That’s where the cable runs.’ With the sweat-resistant materials, you can burn off energy even if the sweat is running in streams.

Sound + Sport = Sport earphones

Top sound performance? Absolutely, as it’s only with really good music that you get into the flow in sport. The precise fit of the sport in-ear improves both comfort and the sound quality. Whether there is traffic noise or you come across a group of people having a get-together or there are dogs barking – all exterior noise is reduced, so you can completely connect with the rhythm of your favourite song. Nonetheless, you are still sufficiently aware of your environment to remain a vigilant road user.

If you still pick up snippets of conversation of those having a get-together, or want to block out the sound of the wind entirely, you can quickly and easily control the volume using the volume control integrated in the cable.

Not the right song for jogging through the wood? Simply use the integrated remote control to jump to the next track, or press pause and enjoy the rustling sound of the leaves. You can do this without having to pick up your smartphone.

Reachable by telephone even when doing sport

Comfortable cable guiding and wireless music enjoyment are not the only benefits of the Bluetooth headphones. You are, of course, always reachable by telephone – whether you take the call while in a flow when jogging is up to you.

You accept calls using the integrated remote control that you also use to control music. The same applies if you want to reject or end a call. You use the microphone to switch between music and a telephone call. Particularly practical: You can connect two smartphones to the Bluetooth headphones at the same time – this is a clever feature, particularly for busy people with both a private and work mobile phone.