Hama "Calypso" Bluetooth® headphones, over-ear, microphone, bass booster, black

Why not play some calypso? Super bass power and perfectly fitting ear cushions that shield outside noise let you immerse yourself in the Caribbean steel drum feeling. For those who like things a bit quieter: Sink into an audiobook for hours with this comfortable headset.

  • Thanks to the integrated microphone you can easily switch between music playback and call answer. So you will no longer miss a call when listening to music.
  • Additional bass amplification. Can be switched on and off with a small button on the earphones
  • Allows the simultaneous connection of the headphones to multiple Bluetooth devices
  • Closed design that completely covers the ears for shielding out exterior noise
  • The perfect fit reduces unwanted exterior noise so that you can enjoy your music without being disturbed
  • Soft ear cushions for your ultimate convenience
  • Padded headband for a comfortable listening experience also over long periods of use
  • The headphones are equipped with an individually adjustable headband which adapts to the shape of your head

Price on demand

Price on demand

Item No.: 00184023
GTIN: 4047443398222


‘Calypso’ Bluetooth headphones

As well as enjoying perfect sound, you want to also look good when listening to music, right? Not a problem with our Calypso Bluetooth headphones. With their simple design, trendy colours and no unsightly cables, the headphones are a real eye-catcher. They can be combined with any item of clothing, whether it be casual or elegant, winter or summer wear – the Bluetooth headphones simply go with any style.

The modern colours are eye-catching and will complement your current outfit perfectly. At the same time, thanks to their design, the headphones are never over the top. Make a fashion statement, whether you’re on your way to school or simply chilling in the park: Calypso is the perfect on-the-go companion.

Overview of the features

  • Individually adjustable headband
  • Volume control
  • Bass boost
  • 3.5-mm audio connection
  • Microphone
  • Padded headband
  • Micro-USB charging socket
  • Soft earpads

Extra bass boost

Do you fancy listening to music with plenty of bass? Not a problem for the Calypso headphones. The bass boost can be conveniently switched on using a small button on the headphones. Here, every music lover gets their money’s worth.

Super-easy operation thanks to Bluetooth

Had enough of the constant cable spaghetti? Thanks to Bluetooth technology, cables are no longer necessary. Buttons for controlling the volume and for switching the headset on and off are integrated in the headphones. This makes operation even simpler.

Thanks to the QuickPair feature, the Bluetooth connection is extremely simple and takes just seconds. After you have paired the headphones with your smartphone for the first time, you simply have to turn on Bluetooth on both devices, and the smartphone and headphones will connect automatically.

Noise cancellation and wear comfort

Moving cars, railway station announcements, people talking all around you – distracting background noise can quickly lessen your music enjoyment. Thanks to the sophisticated design of the Calypso headphones, ambient noise is blocked out. Lean back and relax without disturbance. The padded earpads enclose your ears completely, so that no noise can penetrate. The padded headband, which is adjustable to the shape of your head, also helps to reduce disturbing noise. The headphones are simply adjusted so that the earpads lie directly on your ears and no ambient noise can pass through. At the same time, you will still manage to catch important information, such as a car hooting or the train conductor’s announcements. The Calypso over-ear headphones are therefore ideal if you want to enjoy the music without missing anything important.

Do you tend to nod off when listening to music but find you wake up because the headphones are putting too much pressure on your ears? The Calypso’s soft earpads and adjustable fit make painful ears a thing of the past.


Use multiple devices in parallel? Not a problem for Calypso!

Thanks to Multipoint technology, the headphones can connect to two devices at the same time. In addition, the headphones have a pluggable jack cable with microphone, and so can also function as a headset.

You are watching a film on your laptop using your headphones when you receive a call on your smartphone. If you don’t miss the call, the usual procedure is as follows: Stop the film, find your smartphone, remove your headphones, accept the call; and, after finishing the telephone call, the whole thing in reverse.

With the Calypso, it’s simpler. Your laptop and phone can be simultaneously paired with the headphones via Bluetooth. When a call is received, you will hear a call tone and can accept the call using the Multifunction button. This means it is no longer necessary to get out your smartphone. Even if a second call is received, it can be accepted while the first call is on hold. After the call, the film music simply continues at the push of a button.