Hama Camera Protective Glass for Apple iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max, transparent

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Black Transparent

Your Apple iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max allows you to take brilliant photos. Make sure it stays that way and that no scratches ruin the quality of your pictures. With the camera cover, your smartphone's camera lenses are perfectly protected - for good!

  • Especially durable and sturdy screen protector made of toughened glass
  • Offers protection for the projecting camera lenses without impairing the quality of the photographs
  • Case-friendly: Fits all cases, covers and sleeves thanks to the special design
  • Microfibre cloth for cleaning the sensitive camera lenses
  • Can be removed again when required without leaving any residue


9.99 EUR

Item No.: 00219883
GTIN: 4047443502124
Hama camera protection glass for is mounted on iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max
Hama camera protection glass for iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max

Perfect camera protection for iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro

The cameras of modern smartphones can now take such fantastic photos and videos that even professional photographers use them. Which makes it all the more important to protect not only the iPhone itself with a case, but also the camera. The Hama camera protector for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max ensures that breathtaking photos are always breathtaking and that no scratches or cracks dull the high-resolution images.

Optimal protection of the camera lenses

Not even cleverly designed smartphone cases are also capable of protecting the sensitive mobile phone camera: after all, the lenses have to remain uncovered in order to capture spontaneous snapshots. The perfect addition is a camera protective glass that optimally protects the camera against knocks and scratches. The toughened glass from Hama provides especially durable and robust protection – and thus ensures long-lasting fun when photographing and filming.

Tip: The supplied microfibre cloth lets you clean the sensitive camera lenses perfectly before you apply the iPhone camera protection. So you’ll always take good photos – without compromising on image quality.

Camera protection for superb photo quality every time

The key factor: the photos stay looking fantastic for years. Don’t let holiday memories fade, but refresh your memory of sunset on the beach with crystal-clear images. Even with the protective glass in place on the protruding camera lenses, there’s no loss of image quality at all. That means you’re able to take high-resolution images at any time, even under extreme conditions – whether for Instagram, TikTok or the good old photo album.

Simply a perfect fit

The Hama protective glass for the iPhone camera is discreet, reliable and fits perfectly – and, of course, the special shape of the camera protection is a precision custom piece for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max. So your iPhone continues to fit in all pockets, covers and sleeves, even with the protective glass in place. You won't notice any difference in use or image quality – apart from the good feeling that your smartphone is ideally protected all round.

By the way: we’d rather not think about it... but if your smartphone does get in a scrape, then the iPhone camera protection absorbs the worst. Because ultimately, it’s better for the protective glass to break than the iPhone camera itself! If necessary, e.g. for replacement, the camera protection can also be removed without leaving any residue on the lens. The form-fitting protection that goes with the mobile phone case and other accessories; and a textbook example of a bodyguard.