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8K – television of the future

What does 8K mean? What is the resolution capable of? Is there any 8K content?

The term ‘8K’ refers to the number of pixels that can be displayed by the new high-tech devices. With 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, 8K has 16 times the number of pixels of Full HD and four times as many as 4K. It is true that the shooting of films and programmes in 8K quality is still rare. However, some devices can already upscale lower-resolution shots to 8K.

When it comes to a larger investment, such as the purchase of a TV set, it is always advisable to back innovative future technologies. After all, who wants to own an obsolete device after just a few months. With 8K resolution, you feel as if you are there in person – right in the middle of a wild chase, or part of a cheering crowd after a winning goal. In the gaming area, in particular, you are transported into new worlds: The improved image depth raises the gaming experience once more to a completely new level.

It is now known that coverage of this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo will be produced and broadcast live in 8K. In addition, renowned console manufacturers have announced support for 8K in their new developments, such as the PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox. These are clear trends for the future.

Into the future with Ultra High Speed

To be able to enjoy top entertainment, you need the right accessories. Thanks to the Ultra High Speed transmission of our 8K-capable HDMITM cables (up to 48 Gbit/s for all image and sound standards) and a bandwidth of 600 MHz, you enjoy all the benefits of 8K resolution. A high-contrast, colour-intensive image transmission without dropouts is guaranteed. The 24-carat gold-plated metal plugs ensure highest contact quality and reliable signal transmission. Through use of flexible materials, the cables also have optimum kink protection.

As we leave nothing to chance, our cables are regularly tested by our quality assurance department. For this purpose, we use a special test device. We can therefore guarantee that our Ultra High Speed HDMITM cables fully meet all specified parameters.

Partner of the HDMITM organisation

As a long-time participant in the Premium HDMITM Cable Certification Program, which was launched by the licensing body responsible for HDMITM specifications (LLC), we are also in close contact with the licensing body with respect to 8K. This means we are always up to date technologically.