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In today’s world of digital photography, filters are still an important accessory tool. The improved results are immediately visible on your display. You may be able to correct, retouch and edit just about any picture on your computer afterwards, but that doesn’t change the basic laws of photography. It’s better and more professional to take the relevant conditions into account and use the appropriate filter when taking the picture. This way, you can quickly achieve optimal results.

Test our professional filters – they are highly suitable for professional photographers and demanding amateurs.

UV Protection Filter

UV Protection Filter

For brillant colours
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Polarisation Filter

Polarisation Filter

For removal of distracting reflections
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Grey Filter

Grey Filter

Perfect for light reduction
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High-quality. Professional. Sophisticated.

The new filter series: an overview

Filters have become essential in both amateur and professional photography. This has incentivised us to extend our filter range to include three new, high-quality series.

The new filter series in brief

  • Three quality classes with optimised technology and outstanding quality for even better picture results
  • All three series shine with their optimised technology and outstanding quality.
  • The ultra-thin rotary mount, which is made of black anodised metal, and the blackened inside edge prevent reflections.
  • The filters have a coating on both sides, which guarantees maximum light transmission. The ‘Premium’ series impresses with an NSC 18 coating (nano super-coated, 18-fold), the ‘Profi Line’ with an NMC 16 coating (nano multi-coated, 16-fold), while ‘Ultimate’ has an MC 8 coating (multi-coated, 8-fold).
  • The scratch-resistant, dirt and water-repellent filter glass in various quality levels protects the lens perfectly from damage. High-quality UV-390 glass is used for the ‘Premium’ series, lens glass for the ‘Profi Line’ series, and optical glass is used for the filters of the ‘Ultimate’ series.


  • Top quality
  • NSC 18 coating
  • Ultra-thin wide mount from 2.9 mm
  • UV-390 lens glass
  • Available as polarising and UV filters
  • Nano coating for lotus effect

NSC 18

(Nano Super Coated)

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Profi Line

  • Superior quality
  • NMC 16 coating
  • Ultra-thin wide mount from 2.4 mm
  • Lens glass
  • Available as polarising and UV filters
  • Nano coating for lotus effect

NMC 16

(Nano Multi Coated)

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  • Good quality
  • MC 8 coating
  • Ultra-thin wide mount from 2.4 mm
  • Optical glass
  • Available as UV filter

MC 8

(Multi Coated)

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Filters from Hama

Amazing effects, brilliant colours, additional lens protection

UV/protection filters

  • Additional lens protection
  • Better picture quality
  • Block UV rays
  • Prevent blue cast
  • Give neutral colours
  • More contrast and sharpness

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Polarising filters

  • Saturated colours
  • The reflection problem solver
  • Eliminate reflections on non-metallic surfaces such as glass, water or paint
  • Perfect picture quality
  • Optimum contrast
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Grey filters

  • Ideal for light reduction
  • To reduce light when it is too bright
  • Enable longer exposure times or larger apertures
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Skylight filters

  • Create warmer colours
  • For analogue photography
  • Reduce mist and prevent blurs
  • Prevent blue cast


  • Filter coating

    At every transition from air to glass or from glass to air, some fraction of the incident light is reflected. With untreated filter glass, this loss is about 8% of the incident light (4% on each side). The result is blurring and low-contrast colours. To prevent this, our filters are multi-coated. This makes them especially effective at preventing reflection and scattering of the light. Thin layers of transparent metal compounds are applied to produce an anti-glare coating on the glass. This ensures high colour intensity and increased contrast.

    NSC 18

    NMC 16

    MC 8

  • Filter glass

    As part of a continuous process, high-quality glass is melted down, poured smoothly into a mould and very slowly cooled down without thermal stress. Then both glass surfaces are simultaneously ground and then polished. This results in uniform glass thickness and plane parallelism. If the glass thickness is not uniform, colour defects, distortion and blurriness will result. The filter discs are then cut out of these glass sheets. Only the highest quality of optical lens glass is used for Hama filters. The refractive indices are identical to those for objective lenses.

  • Filter mount

    The precise parallelism of the threads and the recess for the filter disc are important features. Hama filter mounts are made of metal, with an additional front thread to screw in another filter, a lens hood or a lens cap. If a filter is put on a wide-angle lens, it may enter into the angle of view. This adds dark corners to the picture, known as vignetting. For this reason, two different filter mounts are available:

Further Filter Accessories