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Smart Home

Conveniently control your home using your voice, smartphone or tablet

Smart home devices are finding their way into our homes ever more often and help in everyday life. They are digital assistants that make our lives more convenient. Amazon Alexa is one of these digital voice assistants. However, both Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant are more than just voice assistants. They can link different, previously independent systems in a large smart home and run the smart home.

Our SIRIUM series combines this new voice technology with brilliant sound in high-quality audio devices.

Get to know the world’s first soundbars to have the Alexa Voice Service built in:

The SIRIUM4000 and SIRIUM3800soundbars come with a powerful subwoofer and produce unadulterated 2.1 sound. Experience the sound quality of our devices for yourself. Whether you are listening to music or watching an action film: These soundbars will inspire you.

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Intelligent speakers with full sound:

Enjoy music in style, with intelligent speakers that obey your word and can also control your smart home. That’s our SIRIUM speakers – which we offer in various sizes and colours. Every device boasts impressive sound for its size as well as timeless design.

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Hama "Smart Audio" app

All our SIRIUM devices can be conveniently controlled using a voice control or remote control, depending on the model, as well as a smartphone or tablet using the Hama app. Initial setup of the devices can also be carried out conveniently using the free app.

General view over all devices and most important functions like controlling the volume.

View of your current account where you can change volume and cource.

Change your devices name so you can identify own device definitely.

Choose the right source of all available ones.

Spotify Connect

endless music enjoyment

With Spotify Connect, you can enjoy music wherever you want it. Whether on your smartphone, PC or directly through your smart speaker – when you change the playback device, the music continues at the exact point where you stopped. Millions of songs and always the most up-to-date hit lists, on demand or at the push of a button – that’s Spotify Connect!

At last someone who listens to you! With the Smart Home devices from Hama, you control your home by giving commands. It doesn’t matter whether you use Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant – our smart accessories work with both systems. From turning the lights on and off to the motion detector that automatically executes commands – with the right accessories, you have your home under control and, what’s more, no additional gateway* is required. It’s very easy to upgrade your home, even if you are not a technology professional. Hama Smart Home products are installed in just three steps.

*A gateway is always necessary if the components are non-WiFi. WiFi components can always be integrated directly without a gateway. However, many manufacturers use other wireless standards such as ZigBee or Z-Wave. A gateway is necessary for these wireless standards so that the Wi-Fi may communicate with the lamps, sockets, and so on.

Hama "Smart Solution" app

The Hama Smart Solution app allows you to conveniently control your smart home using your smartphone or tablet. Even setting up new devices only takes a few steps using the app.

Create a free account.

Install new devices.

Installing the Wi-Fi lamp consists of just a few stages.

Control the lamp via speec or App.

Enjoy success in everyday life with Alexa and the Hama Smart Home devices: Light on, light off, "Alexa, what will the weather be like?", put food on the shopping list, play music – voice assistants make life easier. Exploit the full potential of a smart home and upgrade your home with the Smart Home products from Hama.

From smart speakers and soundbars for music enjoyment, to LED lamps and ceiling lamps for the right ambience in living rooms – our product range continues to grow and leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Brackets, Cases & more for Hama Sirium, Amazon Echo, Echo Dot & Echo Dot Plus

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