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Smart Speakers

‘Alexa, play Walking on Sunshine’: To bring sunshine into your own living room, let ‘Havana’ transport you to sunny Cuba, or play your own sunshine playlist from your smartphone via Bluetooth. With our smart speakers, you can enjoy not only the wide variety of music, podcasts, news and more, but also excellent sound quality: precise trebles, lively mids, forceful bass. Despite the sound explosion, the smart speaker is extremely compact: Whether you want to position it on a shelf, desk, kitchen cabinet, chest of drawers or sideboard – the small sound miracle fits anywhere.

We are sure to have the right one for you, too

Easily connect your new purchase to one of the service providers listed below; then sit back and enjoy a sound experience in cinema style!

Creating scenes and automations

‘Relaxation’ scenario:

Always the perfect atmosphere for relaxing – with just one click, you can have your WiFi lamps give off soft, warm light in any of your rooms and can play relaxation music through a smart speaker at the desired volume level. With smart heating control, you can also heat your home to the temperature you find most comfortable. You thus create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying your free time.

More information can be found on the respective product!

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